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Mover Technologies LLC connects carriers, relocation companies, rental truck/container companies, brokers, and movers with their customers, accounts and drivers in real time, using the most advanced relocation logistics technology available on the market today.

Mover Technologies revolutionizes traditional moving & storage management methods by bringing the industry together in one cloud-based end-to-end solution. This solution will slash operational costs for movers, carriers, and brokers through improved working relationships and methods.

The system brings together all of the functionality your business will ever need. Combined with our Open XML/API systems for shipper, mover, carrier, and broker connectivity, and our mobile data collection application, the Mover Tech platform acts as mission control for your business, and because it is Internet-based, you can access it from the office, from home, from the train, and even from the other side of the world. 

Control your business from your favorite tablet!

Control your business from your favorite tablet!

It's Scalable

Designed to handle any size operation, the Mover Tech platform will modernize your business from the moment you start to use it. Our state of the art cloud servers are fast, reliable and secure, keeping all of your data safe and organized for as long as you need it. Running your business from multiple locations requires no additional investment or infrastructure, as the Mover Technologies platform is accessible from anywhere, and, once your business is connected to the system, you can create as many user accounts as you need at no extra cost

The Platform

Joining Mover Technologies will be a breath of fresh air for any moving & storage or carrier business. Not only will you get access to high quality work, you'll also be able to operate more efficiently, manage your workforce better, improve your financial processes, and one-click subcontract surplus or inconvenient work you might have. All of this comes at low costs, and we won't tie you into any long-term contract. A quick phone call will start the process, and, once we've received your license and insurance documentation, we will assist you with setting up of your account.

Combined with our mobile application, shippers can enjoy real-time updates and alerts, automated job processing, and incredible visibility of the vehicles being moved, whether they are in transit or at a static location. From the day you start to use Mover Technologies, all of your data is stored on our secure cloud servers, and can be searched and reported on at any time today or in the future.


The Process 

Our solution from Mover Technologies benefits your business in every way, offering unrivaled functionality and performance:

  • End-to-end cloud based management system for relo companies, movers, carriers, and brokers
  • Built specifically for the moving & storage industry
  • Supports the largest and smallest movers, carriers, and brokers
  • Supports the entire logistics process, from lead to invoice
  • Sales, operations, and customer service CRMs
  • Built in Voip system, including auto dialers
  • Automated standardized invoicing/accounting features
  • Gives you the tools to optimize and actually increase capacity
  • Provides a trusted industry marketplace
  • Connects to legacy systems
  • Embraces real time Global Position Tracking (GPT)
  • Offers digital documentation and instant status updates from the field
  • Mobile apps (Android/iOS/Blackberry) system integration allow for instant updates/communication with movers, carriers, clients/accounts, and even the transferee if required/needed

Your Return On Investment

Of course, all of this sounds great, but we understand that you need to know whether joining Mover Technologies would be a good financial decision for your business. We're 100% confident that it is, and we have hundreds of movers, carriers, and brokers on board to prove the point. The low-cost pay-as-you-go fee structure ensures that your business will see a return on investment in the short-term, 


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